Third-party Docker containers on Torizon


can I run “ordinary” third-party Docker containers on Torizon, or do they need to be specifically tailored to Torizon OS?

Use-case: I have built a (generic) Arm64 Docker-Container in Yocto and would like to run it on my Apalis IMX8 module using Torizon OS. Is this possible out of the box or does it need tweaking?


Greetings @Holger,

You can run any container you want on Torizon. There’s no special step or task needed to create a container for Torizon. In fact you can see this yourself since we most of our Dockerfiles for our containers are public: GitHub - toradex/debian-docker-images: Official supported Debian based Docker images.

The only thing with third-party containers it that we can’t guarantee they will “just work”. Especially since not all containers were designed with an embedded target in mind.

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