The virtual serial port on Win10 to connect the device

Dear guys,

We have an old pc program that works on Windows Xp and Win 7.

This program uses the ActiveSync drivers and opens a virtual serial port called \.\wceusbsh001 to connect to the device.

we need to use this program on Win 10, but when we use the ActiveSync driver we don’t find the name of virtual serial port.

Could you help me?

Best regards

Dear @Matte,

Could you check this forum answer It is related to your problem and you would need this fix.

Please let us know if you don’t work for you.

Dear @Matte
Windows Mobile Device Center does not support WCEUSBSH anymore. Please refer to the following link:

The solution for you would be to use the USBSER_Class driver on WinCe to create a virtual COM port.
We documented this on our developer page:

Depending on the PC operating system, some patches might be required. This is why raja.rx was referring the other community post in his answer:


Dear guys,
thanks for you mails.
I created the virtual com.
In the simple program is running right.