The Reset_MOCI led is always on


I have just bought an Apalis iMX6 with its evaluation board. I have programmed my software on it and everything was okay. After a few weeks, a sudden ESD happened on the evaluation board and after that the software could not boot anymore. I have checked the 3.3V and 5V voltages and they were fine. I have also tried to boot in recovery mode but no matching USB device was found. The Reset_MOCI Led is always red even when I shortened the pads for recovery mode. I will appreciate if the company has any suggestions to overcome this situation.


Hi @H.Jahanpanah

The RESET_MOCI is released by the software. This means, if the module is not booting, the RESET_MOCI will stay low all the time. It would be interesting to know whether all the required power rails are still coming up properly and whether the CPU reset (PWR_CPU_RESET#) is released. Could you please measure these rails and send me the results? You can find a description of the test points in this picture:

Thanks for your reply,

I have measured the rails and the here is the result.

alt text

Hi @H.Jahanpanah,

Thank you for the results. All the rails are within a normal range except for the +V1.1_ARM, +V1.1_VDDPU, and the +V1.2_VDDSOC. The +V1.1_xx rails are normally at 1.15V before the module starts booting. The absolute maximum rating of these rails is 1.3V. This means your results are are right at the edge. Both rails are outputs of internal LDOs of the SoC. The source of these rails are the +V1.375_CORE and the +V1.375_SOC. It looks like the LDO are shorted or disabled. This is weird and should not be the case. This is kind of an evidence that the SoC got damaged.