TEZI tar add/append file in build time


I am trying to add additional tar.gz archive to tezi tar archive from my image recipe. In image_type_tezi.bbclass I can see you assemble TEZI tar archive from file list taken from variables and custom files such as toradexlinux.png, …

Is there any simple way of adding additional archive (or additional file) to TEZI tar archive from my custom image recipe? Like tar --append after tezi tar is created?

This question also relates to this topic where I am trying to add additional partition to image.json file from my recipe.

Thanks in advance.

Regards, Mlinar

Also answered in this topic.

What I have done is I have created custom image type and its class in my custom layer and image_type_tezi.bbclass was taken as a “template”.

Regards, Mlinar

Perfect that you found a solution.

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