TEZI reading packages from a eMMC Partition


Is it possible for the TEZI to read packages from the eMMC instead of only removable dvices.

What i am planning is to have TEZI as a back up to restore the OS just in case there are any errors.

I have successfully placed TEZI in a separate partition in the eMMC and able to boot the TEZI from the separate partition. The problem now is how do i change the TEZI to look for the upgrade packages (image.json, rootfs…) from the partition instead from an external storage device?


Hi @jy.teh thanks for reaching out.

I don’t think this is going to work. The Easy Installer was designed as a loader and not an update tool so this particular use case was not considered in the design. The biggest issue is that it will wipe your partition table completely and set it up as new so the extra partitions you create will be wiped out. It may be possible to work around that but I suspect you will have other issues with this approach.

Have you considered Torizon OTA? Depending on the details of your use case, that may be a better solution.