[TEZI] Execute custom script / app

Hi all,

Before to use TEZI, we have a manual process during which we set date and time of the system.
We saw that is possible to execute some command by adding line in wrapup.sh script (like reboot the system).
But can we execute an application stored on USB stick used to flash the apalis board ? Where is mounte this USB stick when TEZI scan it contents ?

Thanks for helping

The wrapup.sh is just a regular script executed with the BusyBox shell and root rights. So yes, it is possible to execute any applications. You can use the serial console to check whether the command you need is already built-in (e.g. hwclock is actually available). The script is executed with four arguments (see this wrapup.sh script for i.MX6), one of this is the mounted source folder… This allows to access any files from the local storage where the image is stored.


Note however that when you distribute an image using http using the IMAGE_FOLDER to access additional binaries will not work… You would have to download it “manually” in the script.

However, the URL found on local media (via tezi_config.json) get added to the end of the URL list to search for. This leads to tezi.toradex .com being processed first. In a quick test without nameserver and routing to internet it took a while until an error came up, and as you reported, only after clicking OK the image from the tezi_config.json server got displayed.

Did you use Toradex Easy Installer 1.1? As far as I know the URL from tezi_config.json should be handled earlier. Also the whole loading behavior will change with the upcoming Toradex Easy Installer 1.2 release. The UI will be usable while image lists/image information get downloaded.

Dear all,

Sorry for updating this old topic.
is there a way to execute a ui application (a minimal one) during TEZI install process for example ask to an operator to type some text such as a serial number ?

Best regards, Vincent

What do you mean “during tezi install”? You can only execute applications before or after the installation process through the prepare.sh and wrapup.sh scripts…

I mean before or after of course. Do we have to use qt4 application ?

Yes, you need to run qt4 application, since there is no other graphical system integrated in Toradex Easy Installer. For reading a serial number, you can also integrate an application in uboot as we have done it currently.