TEZI : Error while parsing image from personal server


TEZI tool works very well when we use a usb stick to store our linux images. We try to move on images stored on a personal http server. So we follow the advice from configuration files page on your site but we get this error:
Error parsing list JSON downloaded from server

JSON file hosted on server :

      "config_format": 1,
      "images": [

Where build_1_1 is a true directory with good path.

tezi_config.json :

  "config_format": 1,
  "image_lists": [

For test purpose, all files on server are in 777 mode.
Any help ?

There is a , at the end of the image list which should not be there (since it is a single entry).

The Qt JSON parser we use is really picky when it comes to JSON errors. Unfortunately the parser does not provide particular helpful error messages… I suggest to use jsonlint.com or a similar site to validate the JSON syntax.

Hello @stefan.tx

Many thanks for this helpful answer.
Have a nice day