TEZI doesn't mount USB or recognize image

I have flashed TEZI using recovery mode. Then I plug in a USB stick with decompressed tezi image (image.json and others in the root of the stick, autoinstall true).

USB device is recognized but not mounted. If I mount it manually to /media or /mnt, I see the files, but tezictl image-list doesn’t recognize any image.

Am I missing some step? Why is mounting not automatic? From what directory tezi is looking for the images?

TEZI 5.4.0
Colibri IMX8QXP

Could you please provide more information about your setup?

  • Carrier board
  • HW version of Colibri IMX8QXP module

Have you tried the latest TEZI release or Nightly Pre-release ?


Actually updating to TEZI 5.6.0 works. Not sure what has changed because we’ve used 5.4.0 long time successfully. Thank you!