TEZI default screen resolution

Our product has parallel RGB display 800x480 with the resistive touch screen.
For firmware update in field we intend to use TEZI. By default easy installer supports different parallel RGB resolution and touch screen does not correspond to the display image and it may create the problems to the customer. Is it any way to change TEZI screen resolution for 800x480 default?

Have you tried your display with TEZI? TEZI default resolution is 640x480 and most of 800x640 display work OK using part of screen.

Yes, our display works. But to start image upload customer needs to press some array on the touch screen which not corresponds to the button. Ok for us when design, but not nice pass it to the customer.

You can prepare an image with autoinstall property set to true . And image will be installed automatically. Please check for details here . Or you can use a USB mouse.

Great, automatic installation works well and this is what we need.
Thank you, so much!