TEZI 2.0b6, headless Iris board, no support for VNC for Windows


Version 1.8 works via USB RNDIS, display not connected (actually no display to connect). Version 2.0b6 doesn’t work.

VNC downloaded from here. It worked well with TEZI 1.8.

Hi @Edward,

Could you try to access TEZI with TightVNC?
And please let me know if that worked.

We are to update the documentation on the Easy Installer VNC section about recommended VNC clients.

Best regards,
André Curvello

Hi @andrecurvello.tx ,

Thanks for this. Yes, TEZI 2.x seems working with TightVNC, though interface is worse than in VNC Viewer. Serious mouse cursor lag, though usable.
1.8 seems being starting up faster. This is important for people reflashing Colibries with our production image. 1.8 VNC is responsive almost immediately after RNDIS driver acknowledgment ding from speakers, serial console is not very necessary. 2.0 TEZI takes quite long after RNDIS ding, serial console is quite necessary for boot time feedback.

Best Regards,

Hi @Edward,

We are aware of these effects on Tezi 2.0.
We’ll be discussing internally ways to improve this experience.
Thanks for the feedback!

Best regards,
André Curvello