Testing Apalis iMX6Q Real-time kernel fails

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am trying out the instructions in:


Commands used:

wget –P /etc/opkg/ http://feeds.toradex.com/extra-kernel/2.5/conf/all/extra-kernel.conf
opkg update

and I get the following error:

Failed to download http://feeds.toradex.com/extra-kernel/2.5/ipk/all/Packages.gz, wget returned 1.

What am I missing? Thanks in advance.

Best Regards

Hello MWerner

Can you access the link, from the machine you are launching these commands?

dear jaski,

yes I can open the link, but when u look under


you will see that there is no “all” folder, which is the one that is missing.

I am sorry, I am really not familiar with the extra repository and what its state is.

@brandon.tx can you take this over?

could anyone reproduce the problem?

yeah the http://feeds.toradex.com/extra-kernel/2.5/ipk/ is emtpy now. I think, it is easier to build the kernel by yourself as explained here.

best regards, Jaski

well, I tried that with the Apalis TK1 and it does not work, cuz there are some drivers that are not compatible with the RT patch and would have to be changed, which I am not capable of doing. I got the Apalis IMX6Q running with the RT image using bitbake and the corresponding config. But nevertheless, it would be sweet if you guys could fix the issue with above mentioned problem. I suppose its just a missing file, which can be fixed relatively quickly. Else you should change the corresponding article, because then its just incorrect.

It would be probably possible to fix issues with wget, but I doubt that the packages still install/work on current images. Note also that the kernels are 2 years old… For a new project we recommend to use a more recent kernel.

I agree, we should update the article. I will do so today.

Note also that we just recently updated our meta-toradex-nxp 2.8 layers and added the linux-toradex-rt recipe for Linux 4.9 with PREEMPT RT.