Tested cameras with apalis IMX6 and Ixora Carrier board

Could you share with me cameras tested with apalis IMX6 and Ixora Carrier board working with linux BSP?

So far we only tested the parallel camera interface on Ixora with Apalis iMX6 namely using both codecs available on the former ACM as well as our new ACA.

The new Ixora V1.1A also features a CSI-2 camera interface which so far has only been tested with Apalis T30 and Apalis TK1 namely using a modified ACA with the ADV7280-M as well as our upcoming MIPI-CSI Camera Module with the OV5640 sensor. We are in the process of bringing up the later on Apalis iMX6 as well and plan to have it working out-of-the-box once available through our online webshop currently scheduled for Q2.