Test Flutter on imx8mm

Hello Team,
I build yocto BSP-5.1.0 with Flutter-wayland support for Verdin1.0B Hardware (module V1,0B imx8mm)
would like to know how to test flutter-wayland on this platform, how to get sample applications ?
any suggestions would be appreciated , also can I build flutter SDK?

my flutter-wayland out put look like (on target)

root@verdin-imx8mm:~# flutter_wayland

Flutter Wayland Embedder

Usage: flutter_wayland <asset_path> <flutter_flags>

This utility runs an instance of a Flutter application and renders using
Wayland core protocols.

The Flutter tools can be obtained at https://flutter.io/

app_path: This either points to asset bundle path, or
an Ahead Of Time (AOT) shared library (.so).

asset_path: The Flutter application code needs to be snapshotted using
the Flutter tools and the assets packaged in the appropriate
location. This can be done for any Flutter application by
running flutter build bundle while in the directory of a
valid Flutter project. This should package all the code and
assets in the “build/flutter_assets” directory. Specify this
directory as the first argument to this utility.

flutter_flags: Typically empty. These extra flags are passed directly to the
Flutter engine. To see all supported flags, run
flutter_tester --help using the test binary included in the
Flutter tools.

Hello all,
with reference to below link
cross compile flutter-pi for imx8mm and testing flutter samples on imx8mm (v1.0b) verdin platform
and encountered below error
looks like mesa libraries missing ,
let me know how can I resolve this


---------LOG ----------

root@verdin-imx8mm:~# flutter-pi flutter_assets/
[keyboard] Could not load keyboard configuration from "/etc/default/keyboard". Default keyboard config will be used. load_file: No such file or directory
[flutter-pi] WARNING: display didn't provide valid physical dimensions.
             The device-pixel ratio will default to 1.0, which may not be the fitting device-pixel ratio for your display.
display mode:
  resolution: 1920 x 1080
  refresh rate: 60Hz
  physical size: 0mm x 0mm
  flutter device pixel ratio: 1.000000
[flutter-pi] FATAL: Could not resolve EGL procedure createDRMImageMESA
[flutter-pi] Could not load EGL / GL ES procedure addresses! error: Invalid argument
root@verdin-imx8mm:~# cat /etc/issue
TDX Wayland with XWayland 5.1.0-devel-20210713095314+build.0 (dunfell) \n \l

Hi @nagendra

looks like mesa libraries missing

How do you know that?

Best regards,