Telnetd package for VF61

Any chance someone has already built a package that has/includes Telnetd for linux ?

Telnetd is available as part of the netkit-telnet package available in our package repositories. Install it using opkg:

opkg update
opkg install netkit-telnet

Edit: fixed the incorrect statement of my original answer

That’s what I originally though too, but couldn’t find it.
Which repository were you referring to ? The one I’m using (granted it’s older) is:

I looked through the others but didn’t find any reference to telnet in the packages…

The package may be found in the latest repos:

It can also be built using OpenEmbedded. There appear to be at least a couple recipes providing it (netkit & inetutils).

Thanks, found it…
Now I just have to get it into systemd control…

Fedora seems to have a patch for that, not sure if that made it into the official netkit-telnet release…