Tdx-reference-multimedia-image Removing cinematicexperience


I build an image following this guide:

To learn Yocto and IMX8 i worked with that demo image a lot(tdx-reference-multimedia-image) and i have some work that i can recover fast in a freshly builded image but suddenly i need to show that work.Problem i cant get rid of Qt demo app named “cinematicexperience”.
Is there any way i can stop auto start of “cinematicexperience” app or remove it without building another yocto project?

Dear @Engineering_AV,

One way of doing it, as you identified correctly is by disabling the auto start. It really depends on what you are trying to achieve.

Disabling the auto start is achieved by executing the command:

systemctl disable wayland-app-launch.service

Let me know if this is sufficient for you or if you want to fully exclude it.

Best Regards

Sorry for late reply.
That was what i look for Thank you