TDM support on Verdin I2S interface?

For our application, we need to process 18 mono audio input channels and 10 mono audio output channels, respectively from our ADCs and to our DACs, running 24bit at 96.000khz per channel.

For the Verdin imx8m mini, the given maximum sampling rates (page 50 of the datasheet) could provide enough bandwidth for multiplexed signals but I can’t find whether this is supported.

Is TDM possible over the Verdin standard I2S_1 and I2S_2 ports and could our channel count be supported by just these two interfaces?

We could use the other available SAIs, but we would like to adhere to the Verdin standard and be able to upgrade to another Verdin module at a later stage.

Link to iMX8M Mini datasheets:

Hello benrogmans,

so I could not find an example on PCM for the IMX8. It is a very new device.
usually the PCM should be if it still within the combined max sampling rate.
Best would be here to check in the NXP forum.

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Matthias Gohlke