T20 module with LVDS display

I want to ask you about LVDS connection.
Is it possible to connect 10" LVDS display (from Toradex eshop) to Colibri T20 module on Iris 2.0 board.
We are using WinCE image.


Yes it’s possible to connect that LVDS display to the Iris 2.0 board

how can I set correct parameters for this display type? Resolution 1280x800 is not supported in Display Tool 1.5.


You can set resolution either by eBoot SS Configblock Settings (please check if UseSplashSettings set to 1 to keep display settings sfter WInCE boot) or by registry .

I didn’t find any settings for this display type.
Where can I find registry parameters for Windows CE (10" display from Toradex shop) ?


Display parameters can be found either in DIsplay Datasheet or in correspondent display overlay. Registry parameters listed here.