T20 I2c: 2 questons

I have 2 questions
first: is it possible in T20 with the below characteristics and image, use two I2c channels
in parallel, simultaneously? in other words, we have only the RTC on main I2c channel and we don’t open/control it ( we demand control to CPU) but we want to have full control of “I2C2” always open and reactive, so this can cause conflict?

second: is there a mutex or a semaphore on I2C2 driver library (version 2.3) or i must do it myself?


Dear @ddr,

Thank you for contacting support. Please let us know which library you are planning to already use for I2c access, Toradex CE libraries or Legacy Windows CE Software libraries?
There is mutex implemented for each channel inside the library, hence you would use multiple channels without any sync objects in your application. If you are planning to use multi instances of a single channel then you need to implement sync objects in your application.

Please let us know if you face any issue on this. Thank you.

hi raja,
thanks for answer.
yes, i’m using the Toradex CE Libraries, official Release (2.3 | 2018-10-11)