Systemd and/or init.d used? Service not started/found


if I compile and deploy an apalis-tk1 LXDE image I find some startup services within systemd and others within init.d. The startup manager is set to default “cat /proc/1/comm” systemd.


  1. “systemctl” lists that syslog.service is not found/ inactive
  2. init.d/ has not been started after boot.

a) Why are some scripts/ services deployed in both service folders?

b) Which syslog can/should be used?

c) Can I switch easily to the init.d sysvinit system?

d) Is there any possibility to use both startup systems?

Best regards and many thanks in advance

/etc/systemd/system/dmesg.service is also not listed/started within systemctl

dmesg.service → /dev/null


Could you provide the hw version of your toradex module? Which branch did you compile? Did you make any changes before compiling?

The contains these definitions:
IMAGE_LOGIN_MANAGER = “busybox shadow”
signalling, that openembedded-core/meta/recipes-core/initscripts (sysvinit/init.d) won’t be used.
But in the rootfs.manifest initscripts 1.0 is drawn although not explicitely IMAGE_INSTALL(ed).

I now started to exchange to systemd: DISTRO_FEATURES = “… sysvinit …”, but this leads to more settings to be changed: Please ensure that your setting of VIRTUAL-RUNTIME_init_manager (systemd) matches the entries enabled in DISTRO_FEATURES

Yes, our regular BSP uses systemd. Changing that is a non trivial endeavour.

Ok, I see, no trivial switch available, never ending endeavor - I give up - I will use systemd as indented by your bsp

Yes, just like “real distros” also Angstrom does not really “solve” this.