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We are working with a Colibri VF61 SBC on Iris carrier for last few days. We keep a display monitor connected with it for viewing files.

We noticed that after few days, the system begins to hang during start up. Initially it takes 2-3 seconds to boot up. Then it began to take 2-3 minutes to boot up. The display monitor was not ready for other works; like viewing files. See the attached images. In the second image you can see how slow is the mouse pointer, the cursor was creating a trail. Now it begins to hang infinitely, we can not use the monitor, mouse, keyboard at all.

But it was working perfectly earlier.

We are going to use this board for a long running tasks. Initially we thought this problem was due to the two exe s we kept in the “AutoRun” folder of the /FlashDisk. These are long running exe s with multiple threads in it. But later we discovered that even though we keep the exe s out of that “AutoRun” folder, it (the system) hangs. But we kept running those exe s for long hours in the same board earlier with no problem.

What may be the possible cause of this problem that the system is going to be slower and slower as time passes by?

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  1. When you removed exes out of the autorun did you also clear the registry?
  2. What image version do you use?
  3. Can you please enable debug output and use a terminal software that adds time to every transfer ( like this → Terminal ) and time what is slow during bootup.

That “apps” that you are running , do they write something somewhere?

Hi Luka,

  1. No, I dont clear the registry. I just renamed the folder name to AutoRun123.
  2. vybrid_wince8_workspace_1.4beta1 (Is this what you asked?)
  3. I shall try and let you know.


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,Hi Luka,

  1. Ans: I don’t remove the exe s from the AutoRun Folder. I just renamed it to AutoRun123.
  2. Ans: vybrid_wince8_workspace_1.4beta1 (Is this waht you asked?)
  3. Ans: I shall try and let you know.


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Hi Mark,

Yes, the exe s write logs (.txt files) to file system in the SD card. See my another question “explorer.exe behaviour”.

I also have doubt on this “AutoRun”. It does NOT always run my exe s at start up. Sometimes, my exe s can write only one line in the log file. But when I start the exe s by clicking on it, it runs fine.


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