System freezes when the port is opened on VF50

Hi, I have a problem with serial communication on VF50 module with WinCE 6.0 and BSP v1.4beta1. When the port COM1 (UARTA) is opened, and if communication is interrupted (frame is corrupted) or there is a some noise or a signal on RX pin (SODIMM 33), module freezes and I have to restart it. This happens when i am using either Terminal CE or my application for serial communication. This is the configuration of COM port:


We already fixed this. It will be released in next version we will build. If you need I can send you replacement driver for testing.

Can you tell me when it will be released next version of image for VF50? Yes, I need this driver. Please, send me. Thanks

I have tried new driver for serial communication, and it works. Thanks

You can download driver here →

Image will be released before new year ( if everything goes as planned )