SysInfoLib -> TdxAllLibrariesDll


whats the equivalent for these methods:

in TdxAllLibrariesDll?

Couldn’t find any usable documentation.

I’m using an IMX6DL with WEC2013 and trying to display some system information.


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For the i.MX6DL module running Windows Embedded Compact 2013 (WEC2013) and looking to display system information similar to what is provided by SysInfoLib, you’re referring to functionalities that are part of the Toradex CE Libraries. The TdxAllLibrariesDll is a comprehensive DLL that includes SysInfoLib among other libraries, designed to facilitate access to various system parameters and functionalities on Toradex modules running Windows Embedded Compact.

To access system information similar to what SysInfoLib provides, you would typically use the SysInfo API functions available within the TdxAllLibrariesDll. These functions allow you to query various system details such as the module’s serial number, operating system version, and more.

Unfortunately, as your question pertains specifically to the Toradex CE Libraries and their use in a Windows Embedded Compact environment, it’s important to note that the direct equivalent in terms of a command or script like tdx-info (which is used in the Torizon Linux environment) does not exist for WEC2013. The tdx-info script and its functionalities are specific to Linux-based Toradex modules running Torizon.

For displaying system information on your i.MX6DL module with WEC2013, you would need to directly call the appropriate functions from the SysInfoLib through your application code. The documentation for these libraries, including example code, should provide guidance on how to implement these calls in your application.

If you’re developing for WEC2013 and require detailed system information, focusing on the APIs provided by the TdxAllLibrariesDll, specifically the SysInfoLib component, is the recommended approach. This involves programming against the library’s API in your application to retrieve the desired system information.

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Please, also check if these links can help you solve your problem:

Serial Number | Toradex Developer Center.

All that information can be requested using the Sys_GetConfigString() and Sys_GetConfigInt() functions included in the Toradex CE Libraries. Descriptions are provided in the help file (Toradex_CE_Libraries.chm) included in the library package. Usage examples are also included in that package.

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