Switching from Apalis to Colibri (iMX6)


We want do downgrade from the Apalis version to the Colibri because of the reduced form factor and power consumption. Until now we only used about 20% of the CPU.

My question is, if there is something important I have to consider when doing this change? Both modules have almost identical I/Os. (We don’t use a display, just CAN, I2C, PWM, UART and some GPIOs)

Please let me know if anything jumps in your head or if you think this should basically work. I know you cannot make promises, i just want to know your feeling about this.



Dear @Beni3141,

thank you very much for using the Toradex Developer Community.
Your guess is correct: since you are using only these simple interfaces, you should not have any problem with this migration.

I would anyway make sure you follow the recommendation included in the carrier board design guides (Carrier Board Design Guides | Toradex Developer Center) and I would also check the situation using the Pinout Designer Tool (Pinout Designer | Toradex Developer Center).

Please don’t hesitate to use again the community if needed.