Supported mSATA and 3G/4G mini PCIe modem by the Apalis T30/TK1 (Linux/Ixora)


I need to find some mSATA and mini PCIE 3G/4G modems, supported by my actual configuration (Linux/Apalis T30/Ixora).

I haven’t seen any thread about that yet.

Could you give any feedback about the huawei MU609 or the ME909u-521 for example.
Did someone try the Samsung disque SSD Série 850 EVO mSATA - 250 Go SATA or similar ?

Thanks for your help.


We don’t have any experience with that particular modem. However any PCIe or USB modem should work if an open-source Linux driver for it exists.

Concerning mSATA so far we have not heard of any problematic ones and they should all work just fine with the resp. drivers which come pre-installed in all our embedded Linux BSPs.

Thanks marcel.tx for your answer, I will keep you informed of my different tests.

You are very welcome.

Hi @nazzak

Have you finally tried any mini PCIe modem? Do they work?

Thanks in advance.