Support touchscreen for Apalis i.MX8

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We are using Apalis i.MX8 SOM with Yocto Project Toradex reference multimedia image. We are using BSP version 5.

We are trying add support for ILI2130 touchscreen module using USB. This module works as plug and play on most of the hardwares we have tested.

But when it is connected to our custom hardware and Apalis i.MX8 evaluation board, it does not work. When we connect the external power source, it does work properly.
But we do not want to use external power source. It seems that it does not get enough current from USB.
As per the data provided by vendor, the minimum current required for the module is 1800 mA.
Is there any way we can find the output current for USB of Apalis i.MX8 ?
Can we configure the output current of Apalis i.MX8 USB from kernel?
Please share your input on this.

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Hello Prathamesh Kulkarni,

For the Apalis i.MX8 module, the USB ports are designed to comply with the standard USB specification, which typically delivers a maximum current of 500 mA for USB 2.0 ports and up to 900 mA for USB 3.0 ports under normal conditions. If your ILI2130 touchscreen module requires a minimum current of 1800 mA, this exceeds the standard USB power capabilities provided by the Apalis i.MX8 module.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to configure the output current of the USB ports from the kernel to exceed these standard specifications due to hardware limitations. The USB current output is determined by the USB controller and the power management circuitry on the Apalis i.MX8 module and cannot be increased through software modifications.

Given your requirements, using an external power source for the touchscreen module is necessary to ensure it receives the adequate current for operation. This approach is commonly used for high-power USB devices that exceed the power delivery capabilities of standard USB ports.

If integrating an external power source is not feasible for your application, you might consider exploring USB hubs that come with dedicated power inputs. These hubs can supply higher currents to connected devices, potentially providing a workaround to power your touchscreen module without requiring modifications to your existing hardware setup.

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