Support for USB Audio device?

I am interested in using a USB audio device (specifically an Andrea PureAudio USB-SA) to provide a usb interface for a microphone and headphone jack.

I understand that Microsoft does not supply a USB audio class driver for Windows CE 6. I cannot find anything on the subject for CE 7 or embedded compact 2013.

Do you supply such a driver?

The SYSGEN_USB_AUDIO is part of our images. If you insert the USB audio device, you should not get any request to install a driver as it is already in the image. Some audio device come with multiple products, so may one of the features the device offers needs a custom driver. The audio part itself should work out of the box.

If you want to have system sounds played on the USB Audio device, you can disable the default wave driver. See this developer site for more details.

The default player will not play any sound on your USB Audio device as it is using the default audio device for playback. You can control that if you play audio from your own device.

The following post explains more details about how to use a USB audio device on a Colibri T20 and Colibri/Apalis T30 module:

I’m using an external USB audio device by Ugreen. Here the link to manufacturer web page

I have disabled the libnvwavedev.dll driver in [HKLM\Drivers\Builtin\nvWaveDev] but when i try to play a wav file by using media player on a T20 board with Win Ce 7 it doesn’t work: media player is closed just after i try to open the audio file.
If I enter in control panel, volume and sounds, sound and try to play some Event sound they are more or less reproduced by the external usd sound card but with a lot of distortion.
Is there some document about the setting of SYSGEN_USB_AUDIO? Or a document where i can find some information?
Thanks in advance

Dear @Sciur

There is support for USB Audio in our image, but Nvidia built in some additional audio capabilities, which requre individual settings.

I’m afraid there is no additional documentation about the SYSGEN_USB_AUDIO.
Please read the following community post:

It explains how I made a generic USB audio device working properly on a T30.

We rarely use USB audio devices, therefore I don’t have much experience to judge whethere different USB audio devices behave identically. Still I hope there are a few hints that can help.

Regards, Andy