Support for DIsplay TM030LDHT1

We are planning to use the Tianma TM030LDHT1 TFT display which has a 18-bit RGB Parallel 8080 interface. Is this type of displays supported in your WinCE7 BSP ?

Dear @sha

We do support the same displays in all WinCe versions, so this does not depend on the fact whether you are using WinCE 6 or 7.

I had a quick look at the datasheet of the TM030LDHT1 display.
I am pretty confident that this display can be properly controlled by the Colibri iMX7 module. There are two three doubts that I would recommend you to clarify before choosing this display:

  1. The electrical characteristics of the display say, that the maximum supply voltage is 3.3V. Due to tolerances, the signal voltage generated by the Colibri module can be slightly above 3.3V.
    I don’t think this will create any issues in reality. However, it might be out of the display specifications.
  2. The display supports two modes CPU and RGB. The iMX7 only supports the RGB mode, but there is almost no specification about this in the datasheet:
  • how to select CPU mode? I assume through the IM0…IM2 pins?
  • There is no specification about the display timings in RGB mode in the datasheet.
  1. Smart displays (with a CPU interface) are often originated in the consumer market. Long-time availability can be an issue.

Regards, Andy