Suggestion for SDIO WiFi module/driver

Hello, which wifi module SDIO interface would be suitable for our colibri imx6dl module on wince13 Platform. i can see some option on this link.
i have an query that does toradex provides WinCE13 driver support for SDIO wifi module.
Please note that we need to connect WiFi module using SDIO interface only.


We have customers using ella-w1 products(different versions) and would even have a driver for WinCE. The driver isn’t from Toradex and has a one-time and a per-device license. We did some test it works, also our customer is using WEC7 version driver. Ublox has evaluation boards for it and please let me know if you are interested then I can get more information about evaluation version driver and royalty cost.

It is not too easy to find newer driver WiFi products with WinCE support. There are companies who would be able to port drivers to WinCE, but that’s usually not easy and therefore quite pricey.

There are few other SDIO interface based Wi-Fi modules with WinCE driver supported but we didn’t test it yet.

hi @raja.tx , could you give me some more information about evaluation version driver(for how many days) and royalty cost for per-device license.

hi @raja.tx can you share me the latest price for per device driver license module and is this for ella-w1 module as you have mention silex in your reply

hi @raja.tx is there any update.