Stuck at "Now proceed to generate an update media (e.g. SD card or TFTP location) as usual." for Apalis TK1 on IXORA?

Hello all,

I have executed all the commands on the host machine in this article “Installing NVIDIA JetPack with L4T on Apalis TK1” up to the point I need to prepare the SDCard to flash new rootfs.
My issue is how to prepare the SDCard ? What kind of file format is expected .img ? .gzip ? other ?
I miss some detailed steps to move forward.

Could anyone help me, I would appreciate.
Thanks for the support

Hi Thierry

Use any VFAT formatted SD/uSD card or USB flash drive with enough free space (1GB or more recommended).
Note: U-Boot expects a partition table (MBR) on the SD card or USB flash drive.

Mount the card on your development host and find the mountpoint. (e.g. lsblk might help), cd into the Apalis_TK1_LinuxImageV2.6 directory and use the script to fill the card with the required files.

./ -o <path_to_sd_card>

The following explains how to flash our standard image but needs to be amended with Apalis TK1. If you replace T30 with TK1 you get what you need.
(Of course you would not want to extract Apalis_TK1_LinuxImageV2.6Beta2_20160701.tar.bz2 a second time)