Structural Core Self-Test SCST Library for IMX8M Plus Cortex-M7

We looking for the Structural Core Self-Test SCST Library for the IMX8M Plus M7 core. Is it available?

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To obtain the Structural Core Self-Test (SCST) Library for the i.MX8M Plus Cortex-M7 core, it’s essential to refer to NXP’s resources and documentation. Toradex modules, such as those based on the i.MX8M Plus, leverage the capabilities of the SoC, including the Cortex-M7 core. However, specific libraries like the SCST, which are typically provided by the SoC manufacturer (in this case, NXP), are not directly distributed by Toradex.

For such specialized libraries, the best approach is to check NXP’s official documentation, software development kits (SDKs), and forums. NXP provides comprehensive support for their processors, including the i.MX8M Plus, and they offer a wide range of software resources that are compatible with these processors. The SCST Library, if available, would be part of NXP’s software and documentation suite for the i.MX8M Plus.

When integrating the SCST Library with a Toradex module, ensure that your development environment is set up according to Toradex’s guidelines for software development, particularly if you’re working within the Torizon ecosystem or using Yocto Project. This will help in seamlessly incorporating external libraries or SDKs provided by NXP or other third parties.

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Hello @Vladimir,

The SCST Library is not available for the Cortex-M7 of the i.MX8MP SoC.

Is this a requirement for your project?

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Thanks for your answer.
Yes, this is required due to the medical device domain.