Stream interface driver build issue


I have a WEC2013 stream interface driver (DLL) previously built from Platform builder and I need to update it. I use an Apalis iMX6 module.
Unfortunately my Platform Builder install is not more available and I wondering if I can compile my dll under Visual Studio 2015 without Platform Builder installed?

I have tried but the DLL is not loaded at startup.

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Dear @rpannet,

You can build stream driver using VS2015 with WEC2013 Toradex CE SDK installed. If your drivers WINCE public code defines and libraries that you must include the path, hence don’t uninstall the platform builder.

One such reference you can find here :, this driver is built using Visual studio 2008.

Please let us know if face any issue on this.

Thank you.

Thank you for the reply.

I finally install VS2015 with latest release of WEC2013.
When I build the Toradex latest Apalis iMX6 image then everything works.
Now I have integrated by DLL code and I can build the image as well. But My DLL is not executed.
After investigation I found out that as soon as I call a method from the ToradexLib (gpio.h for instance) then it does not work anymore, my dll seems not running at all.

Do you have an idea why?

Dear @rpannet,

Could you share the project source code and it will help us to reproduce the issue with the code and solve it quickly? Ideally, it should work, maybe some kernel callback from the kernel-mode driver would be creating this issue.

Thank you.

I finally succeed. It was a library reference issue (TdxCommon was not recognized). I don’t know why but the VS2015 compiler was not complaining about it.
I have seen it because I tried to open my subproject with VS2013 and it detects the problem.
Thank you for the reply.
I have an other issue know with the update tool that did not work. I can, select my image, the progress bar indicates the update progress and at the end everything seems ok but after the power off/ power on, the image is not updated. I will post an other question for that.

Dear @rpannet,

Thank you for the update. Wish you good luck!