Stop docker-compose at startup


I’m currently using torizon 4.0.0-devel-202004 Monthly Release. There are 3 containers starting at startup: docker-compose_kiosk_1, docker-compose_portainer_1 and docker-compose_weston_1. I want to bring up my own docker-compose file instead. I know that it is possible to stop these manually but how can I prevent these containers from starting at startup?

Dear @Jacmo

This is on intention actually. Currently we have a docker-compose.service which is started automatically after the boot of the module. The service executes docker-compose up -d in the working directory /var/sota/storage/docker-compose/. For demonstration purposes, we just start our demo containers (Weston: Wayland compositor, Portainer and Kiosk-mode-browser). You can replace the file called docker-compose.yml at the mentioned working directory location with your own docker-compose file. If you do so, your docker containers are getting started after boot according to your definitions.

Best regards