Status of TorizonCore with Docker

Dear Community,

The Toradex documenatation describes the TorizonCore Docker image as “TorizonCore with Evaluation Containers”. I am a bit bewildered by the “evaluation” word in the description.

Does it mean that it is still not recommended for production usage? If not, what is the actual up-to-date status of the project?


Hey @vmetodiev,

TorizonCore OS is our production ready operating system. So if you use “TorizonCore” or “TorizonCore with Evaluation Containers” it is the same “Torizon OS” that would go on a final product.

The “Evaluation containers” are a few docker containers that have examples on them so you can test/see everything working. The “evaluation” aspect is mainly because you most likely are not going to be running that program, but using the underlying base container.

Here is a list of container images for Torizon that provide a foundation for what you can use in a production environment. And a bunch of good info.


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Hi @eric.tx,

Does this mean that the clean TorizonCore image comes with Docker inside; and just missing the example “evaluation” containers?

Hey @vmetodiev,

If I understand you, yes. TorizonCore will come with the docker runtime still ‘inside.’

Here is the architecture layout for Torizon. It in you can see what “is” TorizonCore. The kernel, (docker) container runtime) and OTA services.

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Hi @eric.tx ,

Now everything is clear to me.
Thank you once again for your informative responses!