Standby/wakeup in Torizon an the IMX6ULL Colibri


We are currently working on a product using the Colibri IMX6ULL SoM (and the Eval v3 Daughterboard for developing) and the Torizon operating system.

As our product will be battery powered, we need to reduce the energy-usage as much as possible. Therefore we need the standby mode, which enabled correctly, but wakeup does not work as expected. Using the embedded Linux image, the system wakes up very quickly, with USB, the serial interface or the SODIMM_45 pin as a wakeup source. In Torizon, the current increases by about 20mA but the wakeup procedure does not complete. We also enabled SODIMM_45 (GPIO5 IO01) as GPIO-key in the device tree but also the other wakeup sources do not work.

Is this a known issue in Torizon and do you have a solution?

Thank you!


I should add that the current image uses Kernel 5.2, also the older versions with Kernel 5.0 didn’t work as expected.

Greetings @MrHighVoltage,

I was able to recreate this issue on my end, this does seem to be an issue with just the Torizon BSP as like you said it works on our other Linux BSP.

I will escalate the issue with the Torizon development team to have them look into it.

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Hello @jeremias.tx,

first of all, thanks for your reply. Do you know if there is any progress on this issue already? How do we get informed on any updates/fixes?


Hi @MrHighVoltage,

Unfortunately our Swiss team just moved office recently including the Torizon developers. As such no significant progress has been made on this. They are however aware of the issue.

Once the issue has been scheduled you should be able to view it’s progress here:

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