SSH through USB in Colibri IMX7D


I am going to develop an application which needed an Ethernet Interface, using Colibri IMX7D and Iris v1.1 carrier board. For earlier application(where Ethernet port is not used for application) I used to transfer files between Host and Target with ssh through Ethernet. When Ethernet port is used for application,using that same Ethernet port for file transfer is not practical.

I may use GTKTERM through UARTA for file transfer as well. But transferring large bin files through UART is really a difficult job.

Can I use USB Micro slave port in Iris V1.1, for communicating with target over SSH? I am using an Image compiled from BSP 5.0 with Open Embedded Layers.
At present USB0 interface is not available in the target(when I check with ifconfig command).
Is it possible to have ssh communication through USB in this setup. If so, what is the configuration needed for that.
Also, now transfer the image from Host to Target with Toradex Easy Installer through the same USB micro slave port. The new configuration should not effect this programming.

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When Ethernet port is used for application, using that same Ethernet port for file transfer is not practical.

What is a reason for that conclusion? Usually you can use Ethernet port for many connection simultaneously. Could you provide details about you application and a whole setup?

Yes you can use imX7 USB device port to transfer files over RNDIS. Please check this article.

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Thank You very much for Your answers.

How it is possible to use the same Ethernet port for an application and SSH with the Host simultaneously. Would You please explain?

For Eg: For my application I want to configure the Target Board with IMX7D and iris with a static ip address This need to be connected to a Windows PC with static ip address There are some applications running in both Windows PC and Target and the communication between PC and Target is through UDP.

Now I am using Ubuntu Host system mainly for debugging purpose and transferring bin and configuration files from Host to Target and vice-versa.
For debugging purpose, I need to configure the Target IP address as and Host ip address as

How can I achieve this simultaneously?

For ssh through USB, I have already read this artcle -

But is there any step by step procedure for achieving - ssh through USB. By default setup, this is not possible. Because as I mentioned earlier, usb0 interface not appearing with ifconfig command.

Shall we include some modules? How modules may be included? I am new in Toradex SBC Development.
Also I have doubt - Suppose we include some modules for this, still can we use the USB slave port for programming a new Image(with Toradex Easy Installer).

Please share Your knowledge regarding this matter.

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Yes, you can’t assign to different IP addresses to the same physical Ethernet port, however:

  • You can copy files from your Windows PC
  • You can setup a routing between 192.168.1.x and 192.168.0.x networks.

This question is not Toradex module specific and you can find a lots of article about networking. For example -


I could solve this issue. There were some issues with loading modules in my target. When I solve this issue ssh through USB is automatically working.

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Hi Alex,

There is a correction in my mail.

For debugging purpose, I need to configure the Target IP address as and Host ip address as

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Perfect that the issue is solved.

Thanks for the Feedback.

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