SquareLine Studio output for NxP with LVGL on MIMX8QM6 Cortex M4

Good morning!

I am trying to implement a ui developed with SquareLine Studio for Arduino on an Apalis/iXora board (M4 Core 1) using a Mac. The board is up and running and the examples provided in SDK_2_9_0_MIMX8QM6xxxFF are working.

However, working with a command line for this project is difficult. Unfortunately, the MCUXpresso IDE is not supporting the above mentioned SDK.

SquareLine Studio generates an NxP project for another board and display, with the following structure:

The LVGL library is embedded in this structure, which could be used as a starting point for this project. I assume the TFT_eSPI library could be included to deal with the two displays I use in this project (GC9A01).

Can anybody advise how to continue. Are there any examples on creating an Eclipse project based on the above? Should I try to use the MCUXpresso?

Many thanks,

Unfortunately, Toradex does not support any tools for M core development other than MCUXpresso. Please check these documents for details - Heterogeneous Multi-core Processing (HMP) Documentation Overview | Toradex Developer Center