SplashScreen can't be changed during production programming of VF61

In the past few monts I setup a Production Programming environment for VF61 inspired by this KB.

I use a ProductionProgramming.bat file which calls updatetool.exe (stored on the SD card) to update CE6 image, registry, filesystem and splashscreen (in this specific order).

This approach works perfectly for two different projects already in production.

Now I have a third project on the same hardware platform and the production programming can’t be completed because the stage updating the splashscreen never finishes.

If I remove from the batch file the “update splashscreen” step, everything works fine.

The splashscreen is different for the two used in the other projects and so I’m quite sure the issue is in the splashscreen itself.

The strange thing is that if I try to set the same splashscreen launching UpdateTool from CE6 environment, I can change it.
So I’m not sure if the issue is either in the splashscreen file or in something else during production programming (maybe some delay is necessary between two steps?).

How can I debug UpdateTool during production programming?
Does it return something if it fails?

I use some echo messages and it seems that it never returns while updating the splashscren (because the next echo is not printed to the console). But maybe some other failure happens and the whole batch file is aborted (I don’t know).

Dear @vix,

Thank you for contacting support.

We have only one open issue related to splash screen : https://developer.toradex.com/software/windows-embedded-compact/vf50-vf61-wec-software/release-details?view=all&issue=32066 and the issue was related to https://www.toradex.com/community/questions/17641/how-to-upgrade-vf50-from-image-v13-to-v15b4-regist.html?smartspace=wince other than that we don’t have any open issue related to the splash screen.

Could you share the reproducible application and instructions that will help us to look the quickly?

Yes, how can I share the files privately?
@raja.tx can I send you an email (I should have your email)?

Dear @vix,

Please write to support@toradex.com mail address with mentioning my name, I will take it from our mail server.

@raja.tx done

Dear @vix,

We are guessing some filesystem lock issue when restoring the filesystem and then restore the splash screen, that is preventing to restore splash screen. Hence we are recommending to update all other Flash sections before filesystem restores during production programming.

If you come across any other issue similar to like this, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help you!

Hello @raja.tx

does CE6 1.7b2 implement some fixes related to issues potentially similar to the one I described in this topic?