Splash screen problems - iMX6

We are having some troubles with Splash screen. On boot up it turns on, then it goes off for a second and on again and off before applications runs (we see windows tool bar). Here is the video.

  1. Why does it go blank for a second?
  2. How can we set it, so it will be turned off by our application. Like we can do with VF50 (ActivateDisplayEvent, FirstRefreshDelay…)?

Dear @piseek

I’m afraid the option to seamlessly switch from Splash screen to the user application is only available on Colibri VFxx and Colibri iMX7.
What you could do to improve the behavior is disabling the explorer. You would still see the black screen, but at least the WinCe task bar would not show up.

Regards, Andy

Hi Andy,

This would then “fix” the second problem.
What about the first one? The one where splash screen goes off for a second and then back on?

Hi @piseek

The default behavior of WinCe is that the display driver reinitializes the display controller from scratch.
This reset sequence causes the temporary black screen.

To avoid this, a customized extension of the display driver would be required. (Which we did for VFxx and iMX7, but not for iMX6).

Regards, Andy