Splash screen on Linux kernel for verdin IMX8MM

Hi all,
I’m Trying to splash a screen on linux kernel for Verdin imx8mm.
we are using BSP 5.4 image.
as given in the links

I followed the same steps but splashing the screen was not successful.
I cannot figure it out why it is happening.
could anyone please help me on this

Hi @Akhil.y ,
We will update you after testing. Allow us some more time

Hi @Akhil.y,

This is in continuation of our discussion on otrs support.
You were able to see the splash sceen on you display by replacing the new kernel in the /boot folder
Let us know if you still have doubt

Hi @sahil.tx

can you please share the steps to unpack and pack the bootfs.tar.xz which you send earlier.

thanks and regards
akhil Y

Hi @sahil.tx
my display screen resolution is 1280 x 720
can you tell me up to what resolution I can create a logo.

Akhil Y

Hi @Akhil.y ,

Please refer to the sec 5.6 Display of Verdin iMX8MM datasheet

Shared via mail. Please check and confirm

Hi @sahil.tx

I got it.
Thank you .

Hi @sahil.tx

Flashing was successful, I hope you seen our image as well,
My question is, The Image is displaying from left top as reference point. Is there a possibility to change the displaying of Image from left top to right top or middle ? if it is possible, then please let me know where to find the steps, as I checked the document, no where I found the steps.

Akhil Y

Hi @Akhil.y ,
Yes I saw your splash screen and the splash screen was not matching your display resolution. It covered only 1/4th part of your display.
If I understand clearly, you want your logo to be displayed at a particular location of the splash screen (centre/top right, bottom left, etc).
Lets say you want it at centre, then create a splash screen with logo in the centre with the resolution matching your display resolution.

Hi @sahil.tx

Please let us know how to change the x and y co-ordinates to display our image on screen.
Is there any config file where we can change the x and y co-ordinates to display splash screen

Akhil Y

Hi @Akhil.y ,
Is anything stopping you to make a splash screen matching your display resolution ?

Hi @sahil.tx

No, we can able to create the Image as per our display resolution and we can able to Splash it.
I will tell you, our display resolution is 1920x1080,
initially, I have created a Image with 1024x600, able to Splash it on display but the position of that Image is in left top.
Later I created a Image with 1850x950, able to splash it on display but the position of that Image is in left top
now, we want to change that position to center or right top.

Hi @Akhil.y ,
If your splash screen is not fitting on your display that means the splash screen resolution is different than the display resolution. Try to match it.