Splash screen on colibri imx7d emmc eval board


I tried to have a linux kernel splash screen on colibri eval board (imx7d emmc, 1 GB) with BSP 5.

I followed this guide:

but, with linux from branch toradex_5.4.y (BSP 5), configured with toradex-imx_v6_v7_defconfig, I’m not able to have custom 224-color linux logo in make menuconfig.

Intead I’m able to have the same with linux rom branch toradex_5.4-2.3.x-imx (downstream).

Any idea is really appreciated!

No idea? :thinking:

Hi @vbardelli !

Sorry for the delay.

Currently, seems like using the kernel logo approach was indeed deprecated.

There is the plymouth that can be used to handle the splash screen.

You can get some inspiration on how TorizonCore does it from its Yocto layers (pslash/plymouth)

As a side note: the TorizonCore Builder tool has a command specific for splash screen, which makes such change as easy as can be :wink:

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Hi henrique.tx, thanks for your response.

I tried with psplash (also for me this is the best solution) before the attempt with kernel logo, but it doesn’t work with tdx-reference-minimal-image.

In dmesg I see these errors:

root@colibri-imx7-emmc-06515240:~# dmesg | grep splash
[ 3.677656] systemd[1]: Condition check resulted in Start psplash boot splash screen being skipped.
[ 3.690148] systemd[1]: Condition check resulted in Start psplash-systemd progress communication helper being skipped.

I installed psplash package (psplash_0.1+git0+0a902f7cd8-r15_armv7at2hf-neon.ipk) with opkg.

Any suggestion?

Thanks a lot!


Hi @vbardelli !

I am trying to understand what needs to be done regarding psplash on Yocto.

Have you tried some of these approaches? This seems to be a good reference.

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Yes. Thanks for your response.

At the moment I solved the issue adding “splash” to IMAGE_FEATURES of my recipe.

IMAGE_FEATURES += “splash package-management ssh-server-dropbear”

I don’t understand why, but it seems that installing psplash ipk with opkg it’s not enough.

Thank you!

Hi @vbardelli !

I did the same and it worked for me.

I created a bbappend for the psplash recipe in a layer I created in order to change the splash screen image.

 $ tree .
├── files
│   └── splash-image.png
└── psplash_git.bbappend

1 directory, 2 files

 $ cat psplash_git.bbappend
FILESEXTRAPATHS:prepend := "${THISDIR}/files:"

SPLASH_IMAGES:forcevariable = "file://splash-image.png;outsuffix=default"

I used the forcevariable override (reference:12 Variables Glossary — The Yocto Project ® 4.0.8 documentation), but I am not sure this is actually needed.

Best regards,

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Hi @vbardelli !

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