Splash screen not visible after power on but after reboot (WEC7 V1.3.1 and later)

Currently we use WEC7 V1.2 and splash screen is fine. Now we tried WEC7 1.3.1 and later. With the newer image versions we have the problem that one of our display variants do not output anything as splash screen after power on. The display output from Windows then works. After this point everything is fine. Even after a software reboot the splash screen suddenly works. So there must have been a change in the splash screen settings or default pin output values after Image V1.2.

Dear @SteveW

Please verify whether the backlight is on. The backlight electronics and -software are independent of the actual picture display. On most displays you can see the light on the edge of the screen, even if a black image is shown.

My guess is, that the ss.bl_gpio was not explicitly configured to the correct values, and after the change of the bootloader version, the backlight control pin floats to the opposite level.

Regards, Andy

The ss.bl_gpio and ss.bl_pol have been set correctly. I started to play with the new splash sreen settings and found the crucial one: ss.noOE must be set to 0 but was set to 1 as default.
Here are the Default Settings:

ss.pcddiv:	        0		(Enable Pixel Clock PreDivider)
ss.out:	                0		(Output device (Apalis: 0=VGA,1=parallel,2/3/4=LVDS,5=HDMI Colibri: 0=parallel,5=HDMI))
ss.mode:	        0		(Standard mode id (overrides settings))
ss.detectmode:	3		(0=use parms, 1=match EDID info with standard mode, 2=use EDID preferred mode)
ss.noOE:	        1		(Disables OE/DE signal)
ss.noVSYNC:	0		(Disables VSYNC signal)
ss.noHSYNC:	0		(Disables HSYNC signal)
ss.jeida:	        0		(Enables JEIDA mapping for LVDS)
ss.res:	                0x3F0	(Reserved Flags)
ss.edidaddr:	        0x0	        (7-bit i2c address, where the EDID EEPROM is located)
ss.edidenable:	0		(1=enable reading of EDID data from i2c EEPROM. 0=disable this feature)

I wonder if the other new settings are correct with their defaults, especially ss.detectmode and ss.res?

The structure used to store splash screen settings has changed between release 1.2 and 1.3, we had to increase size of one of the fields and couldn’t keep it backward compatible.
ss.detectmode is used only when EDID is enabled and ss.res is not used at all but, nevertheless, I suggest that you do that for updating other modules:

  • start bootloader v1.3
  • clean splash screen settings (clean ss from bootloader console)
  • configure the settings you need (frequencies etc.)
  • save the config block using the update tool

Then you can restore that same config block on devices you update with the new image.
Screen works after a reset because the OE pin has been enabled by the app (up to v1.4 display configuration was taken only from registry settings) and the bootloader when ss.nooe is set just does not touch that pin configuration (in case is used for other purposes and configured in gpio settings).

P.S. we just released v1.5, any issue preventing you from using that (not willing to force you to move to that release, but just checking about potential issues)