Splash Screen for Colibri IMX6s


I have an Image of 1240x600 created using GIMP tool and followed the instructions Specified in the following link related to Splash Screen but i am not able to see the image on the Display( 1240x600 )

  1. Splash Screen on the Linux Kernel | Toradex Developer Center
  2. Build U-Boot and Linux Kernel from Source Code | Toradex Developer Center

Please help me in this ASAP

I had the same issue, and the screen was ‘reserving’ the area where the image should be shown BUT nothing was visible.

I realised that viadargs had been reset.

Issue the following fw_setenv vidargs and reboot

The image was now being displayed

HI @adrian

This will delete the vidargs and the kernel will rely on devicetree parameters. It might work in your case but it is not a a general solution.

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