SPI1 Online Carrier Board Design Tool

For Carrier Board Design Tool:

  • Is there a way to design/create my own component connected to SPI1?
  • Alternatively, I could use an existing 20-Pin header, but is there a way to connect SPI1 to the header?


Greetings @ratonvaquero,

Just to clarify the “Carrier Board Design Tool” that you are referring to. Would that be the Upverter tool? (Upverter - Online Carrier Board Design Tool)

Or are you referring to a different tool?

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Yes, referring that tool. I need SPI1 to drive an external module, but cannot find a way to, either make my own component, or assign SPI1 to the 20 pin header

Thank you

The Upverter tool is quite limited as a true hardware design tool. It relies on a known library of hardware components and to add your own component would require contacting the maintainers of the tool. In which case adding your own custom hardware component typically isn’t free.

As for the 20 pin header to SPI1, there’s not really a way to do this in the tool. The tool decides what components can be connected to what pins. Unfortunately the tool’s logic is that it can’t connect the generic 20 pin head to SPI1.

Upverter is ok for quick surface level design, but for your case I would suggest a more full-blown design software that provides the flexibility you need.

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You can use 6 pin “SPI header” which an be connected to SPI1

To add a component you need to send a request to Upverter support.

From Upverter help:

"We are constantly adding modules to the Upverter library.
But if you don’t find a module you need, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we might be able to add it for you. Of course, any new module that is not readily available may extend the delivery period.
The process to request a module is as follows:
Signup for a Upverter account.
Create and save a design as close to what you need as possible.
Send us an email at support.modular@upverter.com with the design title and list of modules or customization you need. It will always be good to include what’s the purpose of your board so our engineers can make better recommendations and feedback.
We charge $175/hour to assist in adding specialty modules, in some cases it makes sense to add the module for the community at large and we may waive the fee on a case by case basis.
Did this answer your question? If not, please feel free to contact, support.modular@upverter.com