SPI on imx7s with viola plus carrier board

I am trying to interface a imx7s with viola plus board to an external MCU using the SPI interface. The problem is that i cannot find the spi in /dev. I saw several questions about spi on imx7d, but it looks like they were using the big evaluation board.
I understand that i need to enable the spi in one of the dtsi files, and maybe add it to spi_imx_dt_ids in spi_imx.c? Can i please get a set of instructions to get the spi working on imx7s with viola plus? It seems like a very common use case, but without a simple way to activate…


Since our modules are pin compatible our Carrier Boards try to use the same pin assignment too. Instructions which work for the Evaluation Board should therefor also work for the Viola Carrier Board.

Yes you need to alter the device tree. The exact changes are documented here:

You than need to rebuild at least the device tree and replace the device tree in the default image with the newly build:

Thank you for the detailed answer!