SPI Colibri IMX6DL Configuration of .dts file and user driver functions to use it

I new at torizon development too in embedded linux development and I already read all QuickStart guide
And I wish to use the SPI peripheral to comunicate with a microcontroller, I already know how to use SPI in a microcontroler but I don’t know praticaly nothing about how to use in a torizon container. I already read the tutorials:
SPI (Linux) (don’t help me as I expect)
How to use SPI library (It’s for windows CE)
SSP (Help to undestand, but not how to use.)

Can someone give-me some tips, links, references, please?

Greetings @LincolnWallace,

Working with containers adds a tiny bit of extra abstraction when working with peripherals like SPI. In general this amounts to having to add access and permissions to the hardware peripheral to the container. This is gone over in more detail here in this article section here: Torizon Best Practices Guide

In short you need to just bind-mount the correct /dev/spi* device into the container. Then you can either give yourself permissions via either user groups or the --privileged flag.

Once these are done, working with SPI inside the container is more or less the exact same as working with SPI normally.

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