SPI Chip Select Pin are not working

Hello Sir,
I am using following tools to do SPI communication:

  1. VF61 2. IRIS Carrier Board 3.Visual Studio 2013

I have made one wrapper of TdxAllLibrary to use Toradex Library. It is working fine for I2C & GPIO.
I am trying to use three SPI devices. I am using SPI2 (PIn Number: 88, 92,90,86, 79, 32).I am unable to set the Chip Select PIN for different devices.I am using the API , SetConfig, to set the Chip Select PIN but It is always selecting Chip PIN 0.When I tried to cross verify using GetConfig API but the value obtained from getConfig is also correct but ChipPin is same as PIn O(86). I want to use PIN 79,32,34 too. Please help me to understand the problem.
Anil Kumar

Did you find an answer to this?


Do you face any problem related to that?
Did you test with our latest library.
Please let us know if you face any issue on that.

FYI we made a change to our libs to support any GPIO pin as CS on imx6, it will be integrated in next release.

My problem was related to not having an updated library. After upgrading to 2.1, I was able to get SPI working. Thanks!

This issue is fixed using release 2.1 of the libraries and BSP/image 1.2 at least.