SPI CAN communication


I am trying to use the CAN bus via MCP and SPI communication via spidev, which comes to the question
Can I enable both the MCP and SPI dev and use them separately i.e

spi-max-frequency = <10000000>;
               status = "okay";

spidev0: spidev@0 {
compatible = "toradex,evalspi";
reg = <0>;
spi-max-frequency = <23000000>;
               status = "okay";

because disabling the MCP I am unable to use the CAN H and CAN L through the socket CAN.
Kindly guide me through.
Thanks in advance

Hi @Basavanagouda ,

Welcome to Toradex Community!

Could you please provide what is your H/W and S/W version ?
Did you try anything ? If YES please share the changes.