Specify folders visible to "Windows Mobile Device Center"

If I connect Colibri module to my PC, “Windows Mobile Device Center” pops up and I can access the whole filesystem on the module.

I mean: I can see \ , \FlashDisk and SD card (if present) folders.

I don’t want to give access to the whole filesystem.

How can I specify which folders are visible to “Windows Mobile Device Center”?

SD card only would be a possibility, for example.

Dear @vix

I’m afraid there is no option to limit the access through WMDC.
What you could do as an alternative:

Regards, Andy

Hi @andy.tx

this is bad news for me, sadly.

I try to describe what I have in my mind; maybe there is a different solution.
I developed a device with a Colibri module and a SD card; its design is based on Toradex Evaluation Board.
This device doesn’t have ethernet, but only an USB port that you can use to connect to the PC.
When the device is connected to the PC, only the SD card should be accessible with R/W rights.

The PC should see the device as a removable mass storage (like a smartphone or a digital camera).

Is the suggested USBRNDIS + SMB approach the best one (based on your knowledge and experience)?

Hi @vix

There is one additional option: You can configure the USB port to be seen as a mass storage device.
Here you can define that only the SD Card (with all subfolders) is visible to the PC.

There’s one major disadvantage: As long as USB is connected, the device itself has no access to the shared folder (the whole SD card in your case).

Regards, Andy

Hi @andy.tx

I have one question:

In the KB you referenced there are two different paragraphs:

Does this mean that the fist one applies to all the modules except Vybrid?

And so for the Vybrid I must consider only the second one?

Could you clarify, please (even in the KB page)?

Dear @vix
For Vybrid you only need to consider the second setting (Vybrid uses the WEC7 style for the setting for both CE6 and WEC7.
Regards, Andy