Spare ixora carrier board to sell?


Ixora carrier boards seem to be out of stock until August. Does anyone would like to sell his/her carrier board?


Dear rifo,
Where did you get this information about August? You can always get the current lead times through your local sales office:
Regarding Ixora, we might have some limitations currently on non confirmed/new orders but the situation will be relaxed in early Q1 2017, definitely not August! Furthermore, single product orders will probably be possible anyway. But note: As mentioned above please contact your local sales office in order to get the latest update!

By the way, it will be interesting if somebody would offer his Ixora here.

Hello Roman,

I am so happy to hear that. A colleque of mine who was in charge of the procurement said that he contacted Torradex and he was told that the carrier boards won’t be available until August. I didn’t ask for the specific contact person though.

I’ll contact the sales myself right away. Currently we are in the development phase so a single carrier board will be enough. Hope I can get my hands on one in January.

thank you for your answer.