Sources for device tree overlays

This page on the Toradex KB says that

The dt checkout is simply a convenience wrapper for retrieving the Toradex device tree and overlays repository at GitHub - toradex/device-trees: Device tree, device tree overlays and related header files. Used by TorizonCore Builder.. This repository contains sources for common combinations of device trees and overlays compatible with Toradex SOMs and carrier boards. The repository is checked out in subdirectory device-trees in torizoncore-builder’s working directory.

But that github repo seems to be 3 years old, and the active branch is toradex_5.4-2.1.x-imx.
Are there some private branches not visible in github? Or something like that?

In this message on Toradex community, @hfranco.tx links to a different repo that seems up-to-date.
Can someone clarify which is the right source for Toradex device tree overlays (*.dtbs)?

I’ve just seen this paragraph
Clone The Toradex Repository and Check The Available Device Trees and Overlays where I see

I imagine I should follow this, cloning the repos into the tcb folder.

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It seems you already found it, but yes. If you are using TorizonCore 6.X.Y then the process should be as described in that section you referenced. The sources need to be cloned manually rather than just using the dt checkout command. Just make sure to follow the documentation carefully so you get the right versions of the device tree sources.

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Were you able to solve your issue with the info provided by @jeremias.tx ?

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I’ve just marked as solution